Writing Workshops

 WANT TO WRITE? Writing Support,Vancouver !

“If we were to abuse our pets, the Humane Society would come to take us away.  But there is no Creativity Patrol or Soul Police to intervene if we insist on starving our own souls.” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves)

I invite you to a BRAND NEW
starting Saturday,  Oct 5th , 2019,

Saturdays 2 p.m – 5 p.m.

To register, please email Melba Burns, Ph.D.

 email: soulwrites@telus.net
or call me: 604-736 6789

Cost for 8 sessions is $320
or, if paid before September 23rd, $295

If you need a payment plan, we can discuss it.

Where is it held? 

At Unity of Vancouver,
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver,
Upper Level
Free parking


“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

In this ongoing Saturday workshop, you will be:

  • Empowered as you’re guided to find your voice.
  • Reminded of all your gifts throughout your life.
  • Uplifted, as you acknowledge & write about the transitions in your life and how much you have grown.
  • Awakened to gratitude for where you are in your life now.
  • Strengthened as to who you truly are!
  • You will be led to Come Home to Your Self.
  • You will receive support for whatever you choose to write — poetry, fiction or non-fiction and memoirs.
  • You will gain more confidence in your writing, realizing that you CAN write.

I invite you to this small, supportive, safe writing group where you will guided throughout this writing experience — and encouraged to continue.

This group will foster your courage as you find your voice and surprise even your self with what you write.With gentle support, from myself and the other members of this small group (8 max) you will write those stories you’ve experienced and want to share with others.

You will tap into some stories of your family, or your ancestors, because you will be encouraged to venture deep within and draw forth whatever wants to be written.

You know you’ve thought about writing your stories… but may have no idea how to start. You say, “Oh, later… One of these days, I’m too busy right now…I need more time.”  Well, what about NOW?

In this workshop, you will get clear that you have wonderful stories to share, deep thoughts to express, and much creativity to explode onto your pages. You will feel empowered to carry on with whatever projects you are already working on.

  • Even if you have never written before, you will learn some techniques that will open up your creativity and enable you to tune into it anywhere, any time.
  • If you have written before, you’ll gain more confidence in your writing, realize that you can write & be encouraged & motivated to keep on going.
  • You will reunite with your Writer Within/Creative Self so you appreciate the gift of your creativity, honour and respect it.
  • You’ll receive support for whatever you choose to write. 
  • You will learn more about publishing online, and how Amazon now sells 200 Kindle books for every 100 paperback books. Through delving into this area, you will realize that your work can really go forth into the world.
  • You’ll be in a gentle, safe, non-critical space where your creativity can be birthed.

I invite you to join this supportive, loving, gentle writing workshop, where your soul will be nurtured, and you will be amazed at your own creativity.


Some comments from people I have worked with:

Before… I didn’t take my writing seriously. Now… I am a writer. I can write. I will continue! Melba, you have such a strong spiritual energy. Your critiques were so direct, but loving, gentle and strong.” Olga Boulter.

I was so motivated and inspired that I focused on finishing my book. Now, I feel more encouraged and confident… I just love your constant inspiration. Thank you.” Nicki Boyd

Before, I was stuck because of working in a context where every word had to be right… Now I’m writing my stories again and enthusiasm is back… I am expecting to produce more good work as a result of it. Thank you.” Susannah Anderson

I have a new understanding of how my creative process works, and how to use it in my writing to not only tell my story but to understand myself in a new way… It was a pleasure… I have learned much about writing… Melba’s wisdom and willingness to share and encourage has made this class successful in my opinion.” Lori Reid.

My problem was finding a true creative way to express myself by writing; creating books that people would pay to read!!! Now, I know I can write children’s books, teaching spiritual lessons… (Melba is) a great teacher, clear and inspiring and insightful. She provides a great space to be nurtured and encouraged in creative expression through writing.” Charonne Sinclaire.

“She cracked open the door to my writing — and it was nailed shut!” Joe Paithouski.

 Her warm, humorous style dispels self-doubt & guides each writer to discover the gifts of their soul.” Beryle Chambers, Poet.

 Melba Burns’ writing class was an enriching experience.  The guidance and positive suggestions opened me up to being more creative and joyous with my writing.” -Dawn Nathan, RSI Practitioner

 “Still working with your book. I read it and reread it for inspiration at least 4 times a week. I take it to a coffee shop, sit in a quiet space, read a bit from the book and then just write and write and write. Now I really need to start organizing all the stuff that is being put onto paper!” Carolyn Micheals, artist.

 “Melba, herself a powerful writer, takes care of writers taking new steps into their creativity so that they become filled with confidence enough to fly.  She is a master at what she does.” Deb Cameron Fawkes, MA Theological Studies

 Melba… brought me an unexpected perspective on my writing: my motivation, my process and my potential.  She also gave me much needed practicalities on getting my work out there. ” David Buckland, Writer & Consultant

 I have found Melba to be a wonderful writing facilitator.  She creates an atmosphere of support, safety and positive feedback for any aspiring writer – novice or experienced.  Largely due to her positive influence I published a book of my poetry and art prints two years ago,” Betsy Randel, Artist

Working with Melba really gave my creativity a boost and kicked my writing skills up a notch.  Everyone I work with noticed the enhanced creativity and clarity in my writing.  Melba helped me to get out of my own way in order to allow the process of writing to unfold.” Deborah Alden, Communications/Media Relations Consultant

Not only did Melba support me in writing out my stories…  she created provided a safe space for me to finally find my voice and step into my own power.” Mary Toth, Personal Coach

 “Melba creates a warm, encouraging and inspiring environment that gave me a space and a framework to revitalize my writing process… I left feeling heard, encouraged and re-awakened to my writing!  Melba rocks!” Doris Montgomery, Director of Human Resources

I have taken Melba’s courses many times and they always stimulate amazing creativity!  Poems and short stories emerge spontaneously and blossom under her guidance.  And Melba is great at getting us to actually write, and not just talk about it. Things that have been on the back burner for years – like my languishing novel—suddenly come to life again.  Melba creates a fun, joyful and caring atmosphere in her classes and I have made some wonderful friends there. Highly recommended”Gail Behrend, Business Writer and Healer: author of Energy is Real!!