The Way Of Nature

     Ever noticed that you have to pick the dead heads off your petunias?

Yep, I was on my deck this morning doing just that. Why? Well, no more beautiful flowers will bloom if I don’t. It’s the way of nature.

Same with us, isn’t it?

Ask yourself, “What dead heads do I need to pull off in my life? What do I need to clean out of my home? What dead heads do I have in my writing?

In your life: Get clarity about your purpose, so that anything you do supports that. For example: If you are taking courses or seminars willy-nilly but they don’t actually further you along the path of your purpose, then clip them off. Let them go. If you find yourself running away from what you most value, then be aware of that. Choose to support your values and drop the aspects that lead you on detours. Let go of any dead heads. (This might refer to some acquaintances you’ve been hanging out with too!)

In your home: Get rid of stuff in your closets that you never use – so there is room for something new, a pair of new slacks, or a lovely top. If your closets are jammed, how could you even fit these new items in there? If magazines are stacked up in piles so high you nearly have to stumble over them, let them go. If you’re sneezing because of all the dust on your tables, take a cloth and clean it up those dust bunnies.

Let the dead heads go.

In your writing: This is often a challenge to yank off the dead heads.

So, how to deal with this issue?

  1. Ask, What writing sits currently on my desk?
  2. Am I working on it?
  3. If not, file it, or cut off the dead heads. If you’ve already put some of those pages into books, then you don’t need to hang onto them. So, shred them.
  4. Ah… breathe a sigh of relief at finding a clean space.
  5. Ask, “What tugs at my heart? What jazzes me now?”
  6. Then, give time to that project. You will think more clearly and your words will be able to flow onto the pages.
  7. Acknowledge yourself for a job well done. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “You are great. You are moving forward in your life now. The dead heads are gone and new blooms can flourish.”
  8. Reward yourself. Give yourself a little present for that. Say, a latte at Starbucks, or a new notebook, or pen, or whatever.

When the detritus of these dead heads are plucked off, you will feel stronger, healthier and more joyful. As you move forward, smile and let your good feelings show! More blooms will happen now. Your stories will come to life!

© Melba Burns, Ph.D. August 11, 2012

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