Strength, Tenacity and Courage

Following Your Dreams Story 

Have you ever felt embarrassed about holding onto your dreams?  Like the ones of making it in your creative field?  Like the dream of making it really big and touching thousands of people with your writing, then giving much of the money earned to others so you can make a big contribution in this world? Well, even if you don’t make a lot of money from your creative works, even if they are not currently selling, you still must stay with whatever comes out of you – because you feel, deeply, as if you are being an instrument of Source.

But how do you ever explain that to your family and loved ones when they’ve heard your dreams too many times before and you know they’re no longer with you on this one?  You can’t.  So, what do you do?  Give up on your dreams because your loved ones don’t “get” them? No!

Are you going to let other people dictate how you live?  Are you going to abdicate this most important aspect of yourself because loved ones don’t believe in you anymore? No! Oh, they love you (they claim they do) but they want you to do something else so you bring in a better income and can more capably look after yourself.  So, you must stay with your firm intentions because your creations are your babies and they need to be born.

You were born to make manifest the glory of your higher Self, your Writer Within. So, get out of your own way.  Put your little ego on hold.  Do what you were born to do:  dream your dreams and then put them into action so others can benefit from the insights you write about; so they are reminded who they truly are and that they have creativity too.  If you keep on keeping on, your creative spirit will live on and impress others with its strength, tenacity and courage.

What do these qualities mean?

  • Strength means to stand up for your beliefs and withstand criticisms, both from others and yourself.
  • Tenacity means to keep on keeping on, no matter what: to hold on to your dreams like a pit-bull holds onto a stick.
  • Courage means to venture forth and speak up for your beliefs and your creative work, no matter what is coming your way.  It means “of the heart” and engaging your heart with your mind.

Creativity takes all three of these traits.  Do you have them?  Can you take a stand for them? It is up to you.  Choose wisely.  But please don’t let other people be the ones who guide your life – let it be your own Inner Self.


© Melba Burns, Ph.D. August 21, 2012


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