Inspirational Books for Women

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You Still Can: Survive Isolation & Rediscover You

This little book will help you to rediscover who you truly are as you stay-at-home alone.
Reviewers have said: “What an inspirational little book! Full of hard-earned wisdom & insight… This book sparked life into me again.” Only 33 pages, it will lift you up and give you hope that you are rediscovering yourself as you stay home.

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This is an exciting ghost story of 10-year-old Jake and his dad, who are trying to rekindle closeness in their relationship since Mom died two months ago. They head into the mountains for a family camping trip. When the weather becomes stormy, they enter into a realm of the mysterious whereby certain experiences both shock and delight them. In the end, father and son are bonded even closer by these strange happenings.







Romance Your Writer Within: And Reawaken Your Passion To Write Dear Writer: You may know how to romance your lover, but do you often forget how to treat your Creative Self with equal care and love?

Romance Your Writer Within — And Reawaken Your Passion to Write has wisdom in it. Matter of fact, it was my Writer Within that had me write the book – and expand it when it wasn’t yet ready. Just the other day, it demonstrated that by courting Writer Within, my creativity strengthened. So, engage with your creativity, become partners, and you will produce beautiful creations.

Romance Your Writer Within guided me, and will guide you through your writing problems.It will give you a new slant on your writing, and introduce you to your Writer Within – your writing partner for life. This book will remind you how creative you really are, so you will reawaken your belief in your writing. You were born creative (as the creativity researchers have said), it’s still within you, so, when you tap into it, you will have great gifts to give. Romance Your Writer Within will empower you – whether you are a “newbie” or an “oldie.” It will restore your belief in yourself, renew your self–esteem, and lift you up in wonder.

“The 50 points in this book go beyond writing – it is a recipe for living in integrity, with love. This book will romance your  writer right into action and will teach you how to develop an authentic relationship with yourself. In turn, you will bring this truth into all your relationships. And of course, the Bonus comes in the form of why you were drawn to read this book in the first place. You will be racing to your desk to: Write! Write! Write!” -June Swadron: Writer, Psychotherapist, Creative Writing Teacher and Author of Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our lives.  For all who want to jump-start their creativity and keep their inner fires of enthusiasm burning, Romance Your Writer Within will give everyone inspiration and motivation to release their brakes and to bring out their latent ideas for publication. It is a superb reference for writers at all stages of their endeavors. It is full of very practical and specific exercises that are fun to do. Dr. Burns brings her work alive with several personal anecdotes which makes reading her book more pleasurable.”(Dr. Richard E. Becker, R.P.F., Vancouver, B.C.)

Filled With Purple: Short Stories and Inspiration for Women, Volume 1

Is midlife challenging for you? Filled with fictional stories of strong midlife women, it will inspire you to move through your own life with greater inner strength and persistent grace. This is the first book in a series of inspirational books for women. Dr. Melba Burns loves empowering all women to remember who they truly are – because we all have so many gifts to give, don’t we? The moving stories in Filled With Purple, #1 in The Series, Inspiration for Women, will restore your hope when it has diminished; will remind you to keep moving on no matter what; will embolden you to take a chance, a leap of faith – knowing that when you do, you will be even stronger.

“I was transported to places that I have been and some yet to go. I smiled and laughed, then, reading the next page tears would fall. Melba captures the essence of midlife and holds it up for us to see, taste and feel the pain and the joys-and the aha moments each of us will experience. A worthwhile read for any age. – – Bonnie Hope McDonald,


Filled With Light: Miracles and Inspiration for Women, Volume 2This inspiring book is filled with my own miracle stories so that you will acknowledge your own. They happen daily, so it helps to be alert to them.
Miracles open our heart, suddenly. They bring us to awe. They teach us that there is more than what we see, touch, hear, smell or experience within our regular realm. Miracles lead us to a sparkling, shimmering realm where our soul is illuminated, our heart cracks wide open, and the Spirit within us exclaims, “Yes, this is how my life is supposed to be!”
Miracles help us to live more fully in the light. As light is our natural state of being, if we focus on radiance rather than darkness, our lives will be happier. Our life force reawakens with light. Even if conditions seem miserable, or circumstances appear dark, we can always choose light. And we can be a light that shines and brightens the world. This book will demonstrate how you can open up, so you remember who you truly are.  

What’s amazing about Melba Burn’s writing is the rhythm, and the easy, compelling read. For younger women, I know they will want to go out and riot, rebel, and rejoice after reading Filled With Purple.” – Dr. Joan E. Kole, Artistic Director, AgeQuake Theatre.“Filled With Light is a wonderful book, full of precious memories and miracles that inspired me to have more faith in the power of love. Thank you, Melba, for such a powerful book. It will inspire many.” -Betsy Otter Thompson, Author, Walking Through Illusion.

Melba’s book manages to command the psyche to reach into the heart and open the floodgates to whatever waits there to be noticed. Melba is a master storyteller, with a twist: she knows something we have all been yearning to know and she shares that something so adroitly.” – Frances Allden, Writer

Write a JournalWrite a Journal so Your Soul Smiles

What do you really want to do in your life? What have you overcome? Can you still dream dreams you once had, or are they shelved? What do you want to be when you grow up? When you answer these 270 questions honestly, write about them in depth, you will have a clearer picture of your own identity, and your soul will smile.

Write a Journal So Your Soul Smiles encourages you to explore your own ideas and truth statements that need more expression. Through self-discovery of such areas as creativity, work, money, love-life, accomplishments, goals, desires, gratitude you will start to acknowledge who you truly are. Your journal may become your best friend; as you write in it you may find, lurking in the shadows of a too busy life – your Self.

This book will assist you to write your own journal so your soul smiles. So down load it now and start writing. Doesn’t your life need reflection? Download this book now and you will be off to a great start for 2014!

“Your soul will smile: Carefully and gently, she guides you to the most telling and insightful voice you will ever encounter. Your voice…You see, Melba Burns believes we all have an internal wisdom, a higher self, if you will, a voice within us that knows… This is the higher self you can’t lie to, that understands you and loves you anyway, that listens and responds, that forgives and encourages. Keeping a journal faithfully leads you to this remarkable voice.” Myles Murchison, author.

“Excellent book filled with inspired guidance: This book was THE Book that finally motivated me to take my inner landscape and let it flow out onto the page.”
by Ervin

“The encouragement comes through. When nothing else can get me off my duff and back to the writing desk, the encouragement found in Write a Journal So Your Soul Smiles comes through and I’m off to the races again.”
By Numi

“Total Inspiration! What a rich and compelling book! Melba Burns has given so many wonderful and down-to-earth ideas, I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and not being inspired to start a journal, like right now.” By Charonne Sinclaire


Woo Your Writer Within is a shortened, more basic, pictorial precursor to the full version, Romance Your Writer Within — And Reawaken Your Passion to Write.

What will you get from Woo Your Writer Within?

  • Honesty from a seasoned writer who has too often sabotaged her own writing career will open you, to stronglywoo your writer within identify with this person: you will know that it’s not just you who has goofed with your own writing. You will learn first-hand about determination and discipline.
  • Personal examples on most of the fifty points, so you’ll feel a connection with a writer who has probably experienced much of what you have as an aspiring author. You may feel the beginning of a relationship here.
  • Some good stories – like when I handed my film script to Jane Fonda.
  • Suggestions for dialogues with different aspects of yourself, such as your inner child, as well as “conversations” with your Creative Self.
  • Inspiration and motivation to energize your writing, and encourage you to venture into larger projects.
  • A companion book that you’ll want to refer to again and again, one that I myself refer to when I need to get my own writing moving.
  • Fifty (50) practical exercises will move your pen onto the pages and your fingers onto the keys, so your writing flows.