About Melba

When I was 24, I wrote these words in my journal: “When I am older,
I want to be a wise woman and inspire other women with what I write.”

That was many years ago (okay, let’s forget how many!), and I have held onto that vision forever. It’s what I want to do: it is my mission. So, for 27 years, I have taught creative writing. Now, I also support writers one-on-one with personal coaching, as well as write my many books, all to inspire you to write your own; to remember who you truly are.

Melba Burns, Ph.D. has been writing for fifty years: books of poetry, film scripts, her own TV show, novels, songs, essays and non-fiction books. Her love of creativity has inspired her to express this passion in everything she does – she even wrote her doctoral dissertation on creative thinking.

“Everyone is creative,” she reminds those in her writing groups, which she has been leading for over 27 years, and believes it is crucial to open up to your Writer Within – to persevere with whatever form of creative expression you choose.

Melba enjoys painting, singing, reading good novels, putting on literary cabarets, telling funny stories, lunching with friends, swimming, meditating and spending quiet time walking on the beach.

She has two sons and a daughter, and three grandchildren. Born in Toronto, she has lived in Calgary, Montreal, Denver, Santa Monica, California, and for the past 30 years has called Vancouver home.