Feeling Stuck?

What do you do when you’ve committed to writing a piece, and it won’t come?

A few days ago I told my brother I’d write him a poem for his special birthday, but the words just won’t come. Oh, I’ve gone back into our childhood, looked at photos and pondered our younger days together. I’ve sat by my favorite public swimming pool, taken out my little notebook and pink pen; relaxed after my swim, I’ve thought about what he means to me. I have gone for long walks, then perched on a bench and gazed out to the water – but nothing emerges.

Now what? His birthday is in two days!

Okay, here are some choices:

  1. Call him, wish him a great birthday, and tell him I’m sorry but I just couldn’t get it together.
  2. I could struggle through, write whatever words splash onto the page, and pray that I’ll figure it out.
  3. I could look again at some of our early childhood photos and remember at least one story from the myriad of those curled up black and whites.
  4. I could just sit my body down and say, “okay, now is the time and whatever comes onto the page will be good enough.”
  5. I could let it go entirely – then feel guilty for months.
  6. I could trust that the words will come, the absolute perfect thoughts that he will absolutely love.

Okay, #6 is the one I choose to go with.

Right now, I’m going swimming to clear my head.

I remind myself that I always seem to break through on whatever I need to write, so why would I be so worried today?

Do you resonate with any of these thoughts?

Truth is, you are able, you’ve written many pieces before, so you can always trust  your Inner Writer to carry you through any self-doubts.

Six years ago, I wrote a book called Romance Your Writer Within: And Reawaken Your Passion to Write. So, I reach for it. In Chapter 23, “Release Self-Sabotage,” I find a few words of wisdom that provide insight as to why I’m conflicted, and eventually, soothe my soul this day:

… the Critic, the ego-self. It will attempt to lead you away from union with your great Self. Why? Because if you surrendered to your Creative Self, your ego-self believes that it would have no voice at all.” (page 83)

  “Open your heart and create the space, silence and willingness to work together. Do not scoff at this, but be willing to engage in the process of co-creating. When you engage, it opens wider the doors of possibilities, where you choose to create with more energy.” (p. 85)

“Ask your Writer Within for support and she will happily give that. Remember that you are not working alone in your creative endeavors. (p. 86)

Reading my very own words written way back in 2010, I take a deep breath and trust. A poem will come. I will relax and allow it!

Your words will also flow easily onto your page as you breathe into that supportive Writer Within. Breathe deeply, put your pen on the page and allow your small self to get out of the way. Then watch and smile at your results!

Happy writing!

©Melba Burns, July 28, 2016

You can find Romance Your Writer Within on Amazon.com

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