Welcome to inspirationwomen.com.

Dr. Melba Burns asks, Do you want to write? Have you ever wondered if you really could? Have you struggled with putting words onto the page, without criticizing it all? Or, have you been trying for years to finish your book, but it just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere?

If so, you’re in the right place. This site is filled with inspirational writings for women.

My intention is to inspire you with writing workshops, books, a blog, and one-to-one coaching, to gently nudge you forward to express who you are – and to remember your own greatness. I also do speaking engagements to empower each person to return to their authenticity, and express it.

We are all born wide-eyed, curious and creative, it is who we are meant to be.  We may misplace our creativity along the way, but we never lose it. We can always tap into our Writer Within and ask for guidance. We can always put pen to paper and trust that what emerges is perfect.

I invite you to check out the books, blog, and other inspirational writings for women on this website, and to accept my free downloads of little books to assist you to write. I also invite you to my newest 10 week writing workshop, which begins Thursday, September 29th, 2016, from 2 till 5 p.m. Click on the tab,”workshops” and discover more about it.

This site is to inspire you, to reawaken your passion to write, and to remind you who you truly are.

Sincerely, Melba Burns, Ph.D.